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nike free rn flyknit 2017 black and white outfits

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Would you be able to share the qvw file you are working with, it seems the data you shared is giving different charts then the one with your data. It would be difficult to verify why the results are different because both will give different numbers. Can you share your qvw or the data you are using to create the two charts?

Good idea

Thanks Settu!

Only now that Sunny put his solution did I notice that your solution did it. I previously forgot to put the Year into dimensions.

Script change:


subfield([Order ID],'-',1) as [Distribution Center],

[Order ID],

Year([Order Date]) as YearTemp,

QuarterName([Order Date]) as Quarter,

Num(Month([Order Date])) as NumMonthTemp,





[Product ID],




[Order Priority]


(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);

NumMonthTemp as NumMonth,

YearTemp as Year

Resident Sales

Order By NumMonthTemp, YearTemp;

DROP Table Sales;

Line Chart:


1) Month


2) Year

Expression: =Aggr(((Sum(Sales)/Above(Sum(Sales))) - 1) * 100, NumMonth, Year)

=Aggr(((Sum(Sales)/Above(Sum(Sales))) - 1) * 100, NumMonth, Year)

Thanks so much Sunny for looking into this! Your answer works, but I marked Settu's answer as the solution since it is so compact (less code).

kushal chawda

as per suggested by stalwar1 settu_periasamy it's working fine but this is alternative to understand the expression like

(current-previous)/previous format

=((sum(Sales) - above(sum(Sales)))/ above(sum(Sales)))

Hirish V

Check this ,

I hope this what you required,


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Why wasn’t Confederate President Jefferson Davis ever tried for treason? According to a new book, it’s because the Union thought there was a strong possibility that his case would raise troubling questions about the constitutionality of secession, and that a possible acquittal would signal that the Union’s war effort had been unjustified.

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, a legal history professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, looks at the quandary in “ nike air jordan i retro high og laser 4s
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Davis’ trial, which would have served as a test case for the legality of secession, was delayed for four years before ultimately being dropped. Among government officials, there was concern that the prosecution could backfire.

In the abstract, it wouldn’t have been hard to prove that Davis committed treason.

“Treason in the Constitution is levying war against the United States,” Nicoletti said. “It was incredibly easy for them to prove that Davis levied war against the U.S.; that was his job.”

But, she said, that all changes if Davis wasn’t a U.S. citizen at the time he did so. Many in the South, and even some in the North, believed states had the right to leave a union they voluntarily joined.

“Davis’ argument would go: ‘When my state, Mississippi, seceded from the Union in 1861, that removed my United States citizenship,’” Nicoletti said. “And treason is a crime of loyalty; in order to commit it, you need to be a U.S. citizen. So everybody thought at the time that this case was going to raise the question of whether secession is constitutional, and there was worry about whether or not Davis was going to be convicted.”

Official acts by the Union preceding and during the war, such as allowing for prisoner swaps and observing other rights of foreign governments under the law of nations, might have been used to bolster the argument for secession’s legitimacy.

Nicoletti said the Union had decided against a military trial for Davis, which most certainly would have led to a swift verdict against him, resulting in his execution.

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