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Download and Complete the Lumen Purchase Order

Ad Requirements ( nike roshe run kids black
• Black and White / Grayscale • Effective resolution 300 DPI or better • Please include all fonts and images if submitting a psd or indesign file • ACCEPTED FILE FORMATS: TIFF, EPS, JPG, PDF

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For more sponsorship information and availability, please contact Anna Kim at (212) 343-9300 Ext. 110 or email nike air max 1 obsidian oge
. Our sponsors will be recognized at the event and in the journal. Please help us to make this year very special!

Please help us to make this year very special!

SUNSET COCKTAIL RECEPTION Sponsor also receives logo printed on napkins and recognition on signage.(4) Sponsorships at $5,000.00 eachOR$20,000.00 single Sponsorship


AFTERGLOW PARTY Sponsor also receives logo printed on napkins and recognition on signage.(3) Sponsorships at $6,000.00 eachOR$18,000.00 single sponsorship


VIP TABLE Table for Student design competition winners, emerging professionals, and special guests of the Lumen$5,600.00 single sponsorship


RED CARPET ENTRY $4,000.00 single sponsorship


PHOTO KIOSK $4,000.00 single sponsorship


FLOWERS (2) Sponsorships at $4,800.00 eachOR$9,600.00 single Sponsorship


DECORATIONS $3,500.00 for single sponsorship


ENTERTAINMENT / SPECIAL EFFECTS (2) Sponsorships at $4,800.00 eachOR$9,600.00 single Sponsorship


SHUTTLE BUS SPONSOR SOLD OUT $3,000.00 for single sponsorship


The Lumen Awards were established in 1968 by the New York City Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESNYC) and developed to publicly recognize excellence, professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design with the following distinct award categories: Lumen Award of Excellence Highest level of achievement for a permanent architectural application Lumen Award of Merit Meritorious achievement for permanent architectural application Lumen Citation Special recognition for a permanent or temporary lighting installation, technical detail, portion of a single project, or other work

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Little Havana, Miami

Isn’t just me that can’t get that song out of my head is it…? We have been back in our home town for almost a month now and have really enjoyed the little bit of winter we got left. That being said, seeing the snow melt while looking back at photos of our time in Miami is odly satisfying, as I can’t wait to be singing that Camila Cabello ear worm again soon in a more appropriate and less ironic climate.

There’s nothing quite like a Montreal summer. It’s like the city comes alive again, and it’s inhabitants never take a moment for granted, much like in G.O.T, they know winter is always coming, and for us it lasts 8 months out of the year. We might not get visits from White Walkers, but some of us just full out turn into the Night King by the time January comes around. It’s crazy how climate can take a toll on not only your physical state but your emotional wellbeing as well. As Canadians, we all know the cabin fever and pale skin blues that overwhelm us during the colder months, and I’ve always attributed it to the weather. Funnily enough, having skipped Winter this year to migrate to Miami actually had a similar effect. There’s nothing quite as depressing as spending so many hours indoors working on a screen while looking out at a beautiful sunny day you’re not taking advantage of.

That being said, why is the FOMO always so real no matter where you are. Here I am sitting in our Montreal home that I had been longing to return to for so long, and yet am dreaming of being back in the warm streets of Miami again…This introspective study on what it is a girl wants weather-wise is giving me all kind of Carrie Bradshaw feelings. “And I couldn’t help but ask myself, is the grass truly always greener on the other side…”or should I say the weather always sounds better wherever you’re not. What can I say…Half of my heart is in “little” Havana, ooh-na-na .

Urban Outfitters sunnies and dress, Zara hoop earrings, Louis-Vuitton rings and bag, and Vans “Authentic” sneakers.

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Walt Disney World, Florida

Happy International Women’s day to all the wonderful readers and supporters that have allowed be to pursue my dreams these past years. Let’s be real, the vast majority of you are girls, women, and some of you are a little in between just like me. It’s thanks to you that I have been able to live through my passions and do what a love everyday and for that I’m eternally thankful. I’ve been thinking lately, why have these narratives pinning women against one another existed since the beginning of time. Are we to blame?..and I came to the conclusion that maybe we are a little, sometimes even without realizing it.

Sameena Shah

Chua :So when we sat down with the RD people it was really a question of: How much can we do? How can we narrow the scope of this so we can be successful? And to their credit, our development team basically said: “Let’s make this big. Let’s try to solve much more universally than solve for individual small uses.”

Shah :We interviewed numerous journalists all across the globe from various specializations and really listened to how they gather information; how they use social media to assess whether something is newsworthy or not; and how do they go about verifying various types of different stories. And once we understood that we created the algorithms and tools that could mimic just that.

Chua :One thing we found is that it’s been very good at finding certain types of events much more quickly than many mainstream news organizations are able to do. It was ahead on the nike roshe run black and red womens shoes 9Rj0sM
by several minutes. It was ahead on the Chelsea bomb by again several minutes.

Since we started keeping analytical records about a year ago, Reuters News Tracer has beaten global news outlets in breaking over 50 major news stories. This has given our Reuters journalists anywhere from an 8- to 60-minute head start.

So it’s done very well and we can see that as a tip service for news organizations, and for us particularly, obviously, it’s been very helpful. It lets us start getting on a story much more quickly.

Shah :It was really a very, very cohesive partnership in which technology brought in the technical expertise, the scientific rigor that could actually build those algorithms. And the human expertise that we were wanting to mimic, that was brought in from the Reuters journalists.

Chua :What’s great about this partnership is that to be able to take a fire hose of information that comes in at 140 characters and, with not much more than that, to be able to say: “This is newsworthy, you should look at it.” And then to say: “This may well be true.” That, I think, is a really interesting place to be.

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in our 2016 Annual Report and view our recorded demo to see Tracer in action .

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for verified, breaking news.

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Support Our Work

Public service is an integral part of a Stanford education. Through Cardinal Service, students can pursue one ofnearly500 full-time,quarter-long service opportunities, and more than 150 community-engaged learningcourses across more than 40 departments and programs. Now, students who complete a Cardinal Quarter or 12+ units of Cardinal Courses are eligible to have these commitments reflected on their academic transcript with the Cardinal Service Notation.

Since our founding, students at Stanford have made significant public service commitments – commitments that have enriched their academic pursuits and provided opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to pressing social and environmental challenges. With the Cardinal Service Notation, Stanford can begin to formally recognize these commitments as part of students’ academic experience.

The Haas Center for Public Service invites all students who meet the eligibility requirements below to apply for the Cardinal Service Notation. Applications are accepted twice per year, in Autumn and Spring quarters.

Students who complete the requirements for both the Cardinal Quarter and the Cardinal Courses need only apply under one of the categories. We encourage you to choose the experience that most influenced your overall education and experience here at Stanford, and share with us why in your academic integration statement.

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for Spring 2018 is April 27, 2018 at 11:59pm.

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Students are eligible for the Cardinal Service Notation after completing one of the following:

Students should satisfy their eligibility before applying. For example, a student completing a Cardinal Quarter in the autumn should wait to apply until the spring. Similarly, a student enrolled in a Cardinal Course in the spring should apply the following autumn.

To apply for the notation, students should complete the application . In the application students will be asked tosubmit a current unofficial transcript, as well as an academic integration statement (minimum 2000 words) responding to the following prompt:

Please describe your Cardinal Service experience, and discuss how this experience:

For more information, please contact nike air jordan 1 mid obsidian game royal white pom
, Program Manager.

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Aspect Foundation is a non-profit organization providing affordable study-abroad opportunities to students from all over the world. Contact us at or call 1-800-US YOUTH (800-879-6884). Aspect Foundation operates under the criteria of the US State Department Exchange Visitor’s Program, whose offices can be reached at 1-866-283-9090 or