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Yo dawg I heard you like teletypes so I put a teletype in your module in your Eurorack so you can type while you teletype while you patch while you monome.

monome’s Brian Crabtree has an exceptional way of finding the essence in musical computation. The original monome grid you can think of as a reduction of the very spirit of a display – in 8 by 8 pixels. His arc encoders did the same, but with lit wheels. aleph was a kind of computer; more recent modules brought inventive compositional ideas to that format.

And now, he’s put a teletype and a display inside your modular.

Wait. Pause.

This is the moment where (record-screetching sound) a lot of people lose the plot. What is a “computer” doing inside your modular, anyway?

First, what teletype is is really an unusual kind of programmable sequencer (“algorithmic ecosystem”) with analog interface and basic commands for generating compositional structures. And that seems a good thing. It won’t be for everyone, but if it is for you, this design is elegant and deep.

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And after all, just as some jobs call for a knob, why not for typing commands?

I remember once chatting with Max Mathews, father of digital synthesis as we know it, about why he liked text and wasn’t terribly fond of graphical interfaces. (Yes, that includes even Max, the software bearing Max’s name.) He explained that language was how he liked best to express ideas.

Here, you get just that. A display sits quietly inside another module. But this isn’t just about live coding.

The monome Teletype module has a keyboard attached, it’s true, but that’s just the start. Oh yeah, it’s also a tracker. And it’s an interface for (monome) grids. And it controls patch points, which you connect to other modulars (as per usual). It’s really probably best to watch the video – as always, Brian comes up with musical and thoughtful examples.

What you get is patch cables and short lines of code working together – and then you can plug in monomes, too, or “walk,” a module with footswitches. As marketing experiment, it’s ludicrous: it’s aimed squarely at the intersection of people doing live coding, people working with monome, and people working with modulars.

That seems like an inclusion set of … no one, at least up until now. At the same time, if it reaches even a select group of people who ‘get’ it, I suspect the audience it generates could be a compelling one. The monome endeavor in general seems to have a way of spawning the tribes meant to use it, shaping its own user base.

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One of my least favorite things that Apple does to every Windows computer during an installation of iTunes is that it installs Bonjour. On almost every Windows machine I've installed iTunes on, Bonjour has caused an error of some sort.

As far as I can remember, I've removed Bonjour by deleting the folder it's in. Most of the time, this has not caused any major problems. However, I have a new installation of iTunes and I'm wondering if once again I should delete Bonjour.

Are there any issues caused by deleting Bonjour? Would I lose any functionality?

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about Bonjour on Windows (my emphasis):

shared music libraries AirPort Express Apple TVs web interface for status and configuration network printers

If you don't use any features, then removing Bonjour won't cause you any trouble (except perhaps Apple Software Update might offer to install it again...)

Furthermore, air jordan retro 11 low colorways shoes
has some instructions for more throughly uninstalling Bonjour.

You are able to use "[computer name].local" domains all over your network. This also applies to Apple mobile devices and other hardware (I have: Mac Mini, Western Digital NAS, HP printer and Linux laptop -- it has its own Bonjour called Avahi).

Please support adoption of the Zeroconf protocol and report bugs to Apple, because they give us an opportonity to drop the horrible NetBIOS technology and to connect across different platforms.

You don't need it, about the only thing I have ever actually used it for in a Windows machine is to enable printing to a printer attached to my Airport Extreme. In fact because of the unusual port range it uses, I have actually encountered issues with VPNs that have refused to work properly until it is uninstalled, so I actually remove is as a matter of course.

Of course if you do magically require it later down the line, you can always install it as an individual package.

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You can scroll up and down and even click around in your blog to get an idea of how the new theme will work with your content.

If you like what you see, click the Save Activate or Purchase button in the top left corner of the Customizer window. Click the X found in the top leftcorner of the Customizer window to back out and continue browsing through the theme showcase for a better fit.

Save Activate or Purchase

Another way to preview is to look at the demo site for the theme. You can get to the demo site by going to My Sites Themes . Click on the three dots to the right of any theme’s name and then click on Details . You’ll be taken to detailed information on that theme. You can try out the theme by clicking on the Demo button that appears on the top right of the details screen. The nike free flyknit 2013 launch
also has direct links to each theme’s demo site.


Theme Features

Clicking on a theme’s thumbnail will show you a preview of that theme in the Customizer. If you like this theme, click the Save Activate or Purchase button in the top left corner of the Customizer window. Clickthe X found in the top leftcorner of the Customizer window to back out and continue browsing through themes to find one more suited to your site.

Save Activate Purchase

If you already know this is the theme you want, you can go ahead and click on Save Activate or Purchase . Purchasing a theme will activate it by default.

Some themes offer one or more sidebars. A sidebar is a secondary content area to your theme. This allows you to add nike air max price germany
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You may also find some themes have a set of default sidebar elements. For example, the nike air max 2014 womens review of glock 43
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